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Meadowlark Tutorials provides at-home remedial education services in rural and urban communities of Ottawa, Ontario for persons with learning disabilities and difficulties learning. Celebrating more than 25 years of service since 1992.

Confidence to Aspire

Meadowlark Tutorials is a private remedial education service for persons with learning disabilities and difficulties learning. Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorders, Visual Processing Disorders, and Language Acquisition Disorders are examples of learning disabilities which are worked with.  Remedial (meaning to fix or make better) sessions are held in the student's home.
In school remediation is available upon special arrangements with the school.


Services are provided in the home environment of the student where they are comfortable and do not have to travel for sessions. 

What are Learning Disabilities?

 Learning disabilities are difficulties that some people may have with learning, using, and understanding written and spoken language.  Information is learned in jumbled pieces rather than in a whole message.  These jumbled messages may make the learning process awkward and frustrating. Learning disabilities slow or block information from being learned.  Difficulties with listening, thinking, talking, reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics may be experienced.  Learning disabilities include reading disorders, language-based learning difficulties, speech and language problems, and conceptual disorders.

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