Safe, supporting, and encouraging tutoring is
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Support Lines

Groups that provide youth support for stress and suicide.

Ottawa Distress Line: 613-238-3311 and Twitter, Instagram

Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 and TwitterInstagram

Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line for Eastern Ontario 1-877-377-7775 , 

Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre: 613-741-6025 ask for Child and Youth Services

Mental Health Helpine  1-866-531-2600 all ages 

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa 613-260-2360 and Twitter, Instagram

CHEO YouthNet 613-738-3915 and Twitter 

Meadowlark Tutorials is a member of The Canadian Safe School Network and provides a safe environment for students to learn free from ridicule, bullying, and mistrust.

Note taking

Divide your paper in half from top to bottom. You may have it divided in half, or left side 2/3rds of the page and the right side 1/3rd of the page. You may either fold it or use a ruler to draw the dividing line. You now have two columns. Use the LEFT side to write your notes. Use the RIGHT side to write new information, corrections, or to simplify your notes. 

Having two columns helps you review, and helps you have room to change the notes without having to rewrite them.

There are also portable note-taking devices. One such device is the popular Livescribe electronic note-taking pen [link]. HP offers keyboards and attachments [link]. iPad from Apple Computers [link]. 


Studying does not have to be difficult. If you review your notes, read the text, and practice one subject for each night of the week by the end of the week you will have reviewed all your subjects. 

On the last night of the week, do a full review of all your subjects.

Studying does take time. You need to plan your time to make sure you have enough time to review and do your homework. 

Test readiness  

Getting ready for a test is made much easier if you have being using the studying ideas mentioned above. 

Planning your time  

Your time must be planned. Learning needs to have time to develop and grow, don't rush learning. Plan what time will be set aside for playing, television, homework, and reviewing for studying. Ask for help with this plan. Do it well and your time spent with homework will be easier and less frustrating.  

Listen to Books 

 Some books are available on tape. For some listening to a book being read is much easier to follow the story. Listening to books is not cheating. You can find many books on tape at the public library. Ottawa Public Library [link]. You can also buy recoded books. One such store is [link] and [link].


There are three agendas that Mr. Phil finds work really well. The first is the Polestar Calendars' The Original Student Calendar. This agenda is great for the pre-high school years. [link]

The second is the Planner Pad. This is a fantastic planner for high school, university/college, and beyond. The structure and organising abilities it provides are superb. It has a full 7 day week with times from 7am to 9pm. [link]

The third agenda is the Quo Vadis Weekly Planner with note page - Note 27 Prestige. It has a full 7-day week with times from 8am to 9pm for great planning. It also has a full page for Notes that gives lots of room for additional thoughts. see this at Quo Vadis here. Mr. Phil has chosen Quo Vadis to be his official planner. [link]

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