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Ideas to share.

Many Ideas come and go in special education. Here we hope to share some of them with you.


During the COVID-19 isolation beig practiced, ALL lessons and services will be held on-line via video. 

Section One:

Review and Practice
Learning at home (COVID-19)

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There are several opinions regarding homework. Meadowlark Tutorials supports the use of homework as a tool that helps the student review and practice what they are learning in class.
Homework helps a student learn how to plan how much time a task will require. With help from a teacher, parent, or friend, they can learn how to plan their time so they are not distracted from having forgotten something.
Homework also helps a person learn that they may have to do something even though they do not want to. This helps to work with and around the feeling of procrastination.
Learning that one is part of one's own learning process is important. Homework helps develop this understanding because it helps the student know that they have a very important role with their own education. Knowledge is not given to them without their work to learn it, understand it, and practice it.


The Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a legal contract between you and the school which outlines what services they will provide for your child and how they will deliver them.

Become an active participant with your child's IEP. Read it, question it, add to it, and attend the meetings so you know exactly what will happen to help your child.

Your child should also know about the IEP they have. They should know what is in it, how to access help, and to use it as one of their learning tools.

Review and Practice

Taking the time to review and practice what was learned that day helps to memorize and become comfortable with that knowledge.
Speaking the information aloud gives one the opportunity to hear it, which compliments what we see and watch.

Daily review and practice is very helpful. Just as with a sport, hobby, or talent, practice does make oone better.
Reviewing daily helps one be stronger in knowledge and understanding. It can also help one prepare for quizzes, tests, and exams. With daily practice, the need to "cram" before a test isn't needed.

Reviewing and practicing is time well spent.

Learning at home (COVID-19

This is not easy. Learning at home is a challenge and staying motivated  needs help.
1. Plan your time. Know what you will be doing and when.
2. Give yourself breaks. Work in 30 minute chunks of time, then have a 10 minute break.
3. Have a specific place to work (dining table, home office, or kitchen).
4. Listen to music.
5. You cannot do everything, so reduce the amount of classes for each day. Quality rather than quantity.
6. Work in your bedroom as a treat. Your bedroom should stay separate from your work area, but once in a while it is a nice treat to work there.
7. Have a daily routine

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