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I believe it is necessary to discuss and bring greater awareness of the challenges students with learning differences and difficulties learning face on a daily basis in and out of school.

There needs to be greater awareness and knowledge of educational techniques and methods to help students learn more comfortably and in accordance to their learning needs.

I help educators, teachers, and parents learn how to help their students and children learn without humiliation, fear, and self ridicule.

I celebrate the joys of learning and encourage everyone to do the same.

Public speaking engagements are available to groups, companies, educators, students, and conferences.
Public speaking provides a topic specific presentation or workshop to be delivered to a target audience. These oracles share information, teach new skills and techniques for learning and teaching, and tell stories.

Topics include:

Humour in Remedial Education
The use of humour in remedial education is a powerful tool, too often overlooked. Humour can reduce anxiety, provide clarity, and create a healthy learning environment.

Harnessing the Learning Potential of a Special Education Student
Everyone has the potential to learn regardless of their learning difficulty. Helping students and educators recognise the potential in a person and how to harness it has proven to be an immeasurable method to inspire students to learn.

Growing Up Dyslexic - Phil’s story (link)

Dyslexia in Adulthood
Adults with Dyslexia need not work in isolation struggling to keep their working environment organised, scheduled, and productive. Techniques and resources are bountiful and can easily be incorporated into the workplace and the life of the adult dyslexic to achieve and maintain success.

Delayed Development
Many individuals with learning disorders and difficulties may also have a delayed development.
Delayed development is when an individual does not learn at the same rate as a peer or someone their chronological age. These people are not lazy or stupid, they just take longer to reach a milestone. Not all flowers in the same garden bloom at the same time; some are early bloomers, some are timely bloomers, and others are late bloomers. In the end, they all bloom.

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