Mr. Phil is your remedial education specialist who works with children and adults with learning disabilities and difficulties learning.

About Meadowlark Tutorials

Meadowlark Tutorials is the private practice of Mr. Philip J. Powel Smith, a special education teacher, educator, and learning disabilities specialist. To learn more about Philip's background, please click here. [link]

Meadowlark Tutorials is a proud Canadian owned and operated business.

NEW On-Line video sessions are available across Canada and internationally. COVID-19 has changed how we learn and it is our delight to help people from across Canada and international with their needs to learn with learning disabilities and difficulties.

Mission Statement 
With patience, guidance, and the introduction of skills and techniques that cater to the needs of the student's learning abilities. Philip will help to turn frustration into positive academic and personal growth and achievement. With conviction, students are helped to build confidence to aspire.

Company Profile  
Meadowlark Tutorials was founded in 1992 in response to the requests from parents who were trying desperately to find English language remedial help.

Remedial services are provided at-home, in-school, and on-line throughout the rural and urban areas of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and beyond. Services are held during the day for home schooling and in-school lessons. After school and evening hours comprise most of the teaching hours. For more information, please email [link].

Fees for At-Home and In-School remedial services are based on an hourly rate. Lessons of more than one hour will be charged in half hour increments. Please contact us for rates and fees.

Community involvement is a vital part of Philip's philosophy for Meadowlark Tutorials. Assisting the education community with the efforts to bring quality education to persons with learning disabilities and difficulties is an ongoing objective. Associations, organizations, and groups are kept up-to-date with the services that are being offered.

Public speaking engagements are conducted throughout the year. Groups and organisations are welcome to discuss their ideas with us to plan a topic for a presentation.

MeadowlarkTutorials provides services to people from all walks of life in a safe and encouraging teaching manner. Mr. Phil is a safe tutor who does not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

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